NXT18 Golf - Never Give Up Golf Glove - Gray

NXT18 Golf - Never Give Up Golf Glove - Gray

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Bare hand.
White glove.
NXT18 Golf be unique golf glove.

Many wear the simple white glove with the corporate brand that helps them fall in line with the rest of the guys at the club. The NXT18 Golf be unique Golf Glove is the absolute antithesis of what your dad would wear on the driving range. 

Not content with just providing your aching hand with warmth, this soft Cabretta Leather glove conforms to USGA regulations, while emitting some rebellious tones. So forget the plain, white gloves of the past and step up your game with NXT18 Golf.

  • Features "be unique" slogan down the middle finger
  • Rubber NXT18 Golf logo on the velcro enclosure
  • White Palm
  • Premium Cabretta Leather

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