The Hackers Paradise - 5x Hall Of Fame Winners

By Darrien Slaughter

NXT18 Golf was provided a great opportunity to design and craft golf belts for the The Hackers Paradise (THP) 5x Hall of Fame winners. Our mission was to design a belt that would message the prestigious award afforded to these members of THP that are recognized for winning a THP event. The ask was that the belt be distinctive, but certainly a design that would encourage the winner to wear it in the future by being somewhat understated. 

At NXT18 Golf, we have never avoided loud options, remember this one: 

Golfer Mask Belt

In this instance, it was a no-brainer to stick with the functional matte black finish with exposed (shiny) aluminum for the logo. The logo was also engraved at a smaller size to enable some negative space to lighten up the belt buckle design. As usual, the team chose aircraft grade aluminum, pared with a solid white and black, cow-hide leather belt straps to complete the look.

Here are the final designs:  

 The Hackers Paradise Custom Belts

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