Golf Belt of the Week

By Darrien Slaughter

Golf Belt of the Week

Golden Tate - Detroit Lions - Custom Belt

This week we are featuring not one Golf Belt of the Week, but an entire package that we pulled together for Golden Tate, Wide Receiver for the Detroit Lions and avid golfer. We definitely went for the green on this par 4, by designing a few different belts and a custom golf bag tag for Golden. We even customized a display box in yellow that is lined with protective foam and is waterproof... talk about a hole in one! 

As you can see above, we started by crafting a aluminum buckle in Detroit Lions blue powder coat paint and engraved Golden Tate's logo from his personal brand. This logo was designed with his number 15 and placed within a football engraving. This was paired with NXT18 Golf's standard white genuine leather strap. 

The next belt was crafted out of zinc in a slightly smaller style meant for on and off the golf course. We used a black chrome finish and engraved Golden Tate's logo here as well. This belt can be paired with the same white leather strap mentioned above or a black leather strap as well. 

Golden Tate Black Chrome Custom Golf Belt

The bag tag we crafted was truly unique featuring Golden's logo again on one side and his nickame ShowTime Tate on the other side. The bag tag has an anodized black finish with diamond tip drag bit used to perform the engraving. 

Golden Tate Custom Bag Tag

Finally, here is the complete package like only NXT18 Golf can deliver: 

NXT18 Golf Belt Package for Golden Tate



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